Transparency creates Trust and Binding

Since foundation of „Hope for Ethiopia e.V“ in 2014, we attach great importance on high and absolute transparency. That`s what makes the difference in comparison to other charitable relief organisations. Any time we are giving answers to any kind of questions. Accounting is transparent and open to public. Within Data Protection we make all informations available concerning „Hope for Ethiopia e.V.“.


Since years we are looking for possibilities to get our way of transparency, and the reliable handling of donations we are focusing on, confirmed. In this course DZI Donation Seal  has come to our attention. This donation seal is often required for the process of applying for funds. Though it`s about 900 € cost in the first year and every following year about 600 €. In total an amount of money we can not raise as a small association and furthermore we dont want to finance these costs with the donations you are giving. The more so as there is to find critisism concerning the DZI donation seal.

„Hope for Ethiopia e.V.“ emphasises in giving access of profound basic information about us on our webside. So therefore we will shortly sign the voluntary declaraction of commitment from the initiation of „Friends of Transparency International“.

Responsibility for Public Welfare


Uniform publication requirements for charitable organisations are not existing in Germany. Who is active for public welfare should nevertheless tell the community on which purposes the organisation is striving for in detail. Where do the funds come from, what for the funds are used and who are the decision-makers.

Ten Aspects for general Public


At the Initiative of „Transparency International Germany e.V.“ numerous civil-society actors and actors out of science defined ten basic aspects which every civil-society organisation should make available for the public. These include among others the constitution, names of main decision-makers as well as informations about source and use of funds and personnel structure.

Ten Transparency Informations 


1. Name, principal place, adress and founding year

Hope for Ethiopia e.V. principal place Jena Felsenkellerstr.20, 07745 Jena

Vereinsregisternummer 231593

founded in 2014

Organisation chairman and central contact Ferdinand Reul (FikireMaryam)


Phone 01631522703

More informations and links to social networks look for in contact

2. Full constitution as well as focus of organisation

Poverty and Hardship seems to be infinite on earth, so therefore it`s the more important for our needies to experience Love, Compassion and Hope. Living in an affluent society it`s possibel for us to create a better world through action. Spending time, energy and money coming from the heart with clear and clean consience we can take part in creating a fairer world within living more healthy people, and more people having their days and tomorrows of light concerning their living conditions.


Our focus is to keep humanitarian ideals alive through active common value of charity . Therefore we support disadvantaged, discriminated and needy people in hard living situations and conditions to enable a decent life in dignity.


We provide personal sponsorships emphasising support of absolutly needy and helpless living on the streets of Lalibela. The poorest of the poor, old people, orphans, streetkids, handicapped people - all of them get monthly support through our helpfull sponsors. Directly, person to person. Giving thanks to our sponsors, until now more than 130 poorest of the poor has been given monthly financial support in securing shelter and food and having a homeplace. Direct help mankind to mankind.


3. Facts for tax benefits

Hope for Ethiopia e.V. is exempted from corporation and trade tax. Notice of exemption given


from tax authority Jena

Tax Number Hope for Ethiopia e.V. 162/141/18878

Notice of exemption according §5 Abs.1 N.9 KStG and §3 Nr.6 GewStG

Date of last exemption: 29th of september 2016

Assesment period: from 2014 to 2015

Basic of exemption: serves of non-profit and charitable purposees in accordance with the section „Tax-Deductible Purposes“ of German tax law


We have permission to issue donation receipts.



4. Name and function of  main desicion-makers


Ferdinand Reul - first chairman

Anne Lachmann - second chairman

David Seidemann - treasurer

Sigrid Staudinger - Project leader Books for Lalibela

Leon und Johanna Joubert - responsibel for public relations

Kevin Dölle - Project Charity Center Lalibela


5. Activity Report


Activity Reports of 2014 - 2017

6. Personnel Structure


„Hope for Ethiopia e.V.“ does not have any employees at all since founding year 2014, neither in part nor in full time employment relationships. Until now there is no employment with freelancer, no marginal employment, no employment with person doing community service or voluntary service. All fields of activity ( handled by persons mentioned in point 4) is voluntary work in our leisure time. In total  time for voluntary work is definetly about more than 1.000 hours a year. In Lalibela Geza Kassa Sisay (Email: and Eyayaw Desay are active for „Hope for Ethiopia e.V.“, having no kind of employment or contract with „Hope for Ethiopia e.V.“



7.Information to source of funds


Since founding in the year 2014 all income of „Hope for Ethiopia e.V.“ comes from donations and monthly sponsoring from private person. We do not yet have applied for official contributions or received any. As well as there is no income out of buisiness operation, out of purpose enterprise or wealth management. 


We are active with our information booths at concerts, festivals and events raising funds and donations and finding new supporter. Trough fundraising on Internetplatforms like Betterplace.Org we are funding for donations for our projects. For our Charity Center Kevin Dölle is especially active and sucessfull in aquirement of funds.


Further income we raised through facebook-donation activities, through donation purchase on, AmazonSmile and out of promotional action for associations out of free economy  like „Du und Dein Verein“ ING-DiBa or support programs at


8. Information about use of funds


How mentioned in financial reports of the last years we are handling donations conscientious and responsible. Administrative expenses were about 8% in 2017 and the main part of our funds is used for our sponsorships in Lalibela.


Monthly paid rates of sponsors for their sponsorships  at „Hope for Ethiopia e.V.“ are transfered a 100%  single to each of our sponsorships on their banc account in Lalibela, which is verifiable. Any time we are willing to verify the bank transfers from Dashen Bank Lalibela.. More information about transparency of funds concerning sponsorship funds you can find here --->


Recurrent expenditure for our sponsorships like necessary medical treatment, school-uniforms, mattress and blankets or small extra money at holy festivals are funded through donations to our association, independent of donation from sponsorship.


Furthermore different projects for support of some schools in the mountain area at Lalibela were financed. Projects of the last two years: „Water for Asheten School“ and „Desks for Koyita School


Gezza and Eyayaw, our active staff in Lalibela, are getting an expense allowance of 60 € a month. Which is the biggest part of our yearly administrative expenses (mentioned in financial report under“expenses administration Lalibela“) These monetary grants are absolutly justified,appropriate and necessary. It`s about binding of this two indispensable co-founders of „Hope for Ethiopia e.V.“ and futhermore it´s about giving them the possibilitiy of full and absolute focus on tasks of our association in Lalibela.


All costs about visits in Lalibela are financed on privat base, there are no costs coming up for „Hope for Ethiopia e.V.“ at all.



- click on the financial report for fullscreen view -

Finanzbericht 2014

Finanzbericht 2016

Finanz-Übersicht 2014 bis 2017

Finanzbericht 2015

Finanzbericht 2017

9. Corporate affiliations with third parties


To mention are: parent companies and subsidiaries, funding agencies, outsourced economic centers, partner organisations and organisations within support- or profit transfer contracts are existing or similar juridical connections are existing.

„Hope for Ethiopia e.V.“ is in no kind of corporate affiliation with third parties.


10. Juridical Persons whose yearly payment is more than 10% of budget


Biggest amount of payment from a single person was about 1.220 € in concern of credit for building a house for Mulu Agaju 2017 related to sponsorship.This is about 5,66% of total income of „Hope for Ethiopiae.V.“ in the year 2017.


Sponsor: Ferdinand Reul, 1. Vorsitzender „Hope for Ethiopia e.V.“



Wir hoffen, dass wir euch von unserem Willen zur absoluten Transparenz überzeugen konnten. Sollten noch Fragen offen sein oder weitere Informationen gewünscht werden, bitten wir euch, eine Mail an zu schreiben. Vielen Dank!