"Hope for Ethiopia e.V." grew out of the idea of supporting the needy (the elderly, orphans, street children, the disabled and the poorest of the poor) through direct, personal sponsorships.


Monthly financial donations are used for basic needs such as shelter, food, clothing and medicine and enable the neediest in Lalibela a life in decent circumstances.



 The direct support from person to person allows absolute transparency and the impact of sponsorship on the living conditions of the needy are directly visible.


Through trust people and good friends in Lalibela, it is possible to bring help direct to the needy and to verify and document the success and change through the sponsorship.

Become a Sponsor and help directly from Person to Person!

 Profiles of needy from Lalibela

  still waiting for a sponsorship

 If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact us




We now have 89 sponsorships with 251 people in Lalibela

we transfer monthly 3233 Euro for our sponsorships 


A photo album with text documentation in German Language for each sponsorship you can find on Google+  -  Click on Pictures