attendance for kids out of poor farmer families

During our visit at Koyita School in november 2019 we were told on demand about present problems. One out of it actually is many kids, especially at harvest time now, must help their families on the fields, so therefore they are coming unregularly or not at all to school. Girls are particulary effected because they are needed for daily work in kitchen and household, and mostly only one or two kids out of four to seven a family are sent to school anyway. The families at mountainside are absolutly poor and penniless, school attendance is a matter of money. It is truly not due to the children, they definetly want into school.

From now on Hope for Ethiopia e.V. is offering procurement of scholarships. With 10,- Euro (ca. 320 Birr) monthly it´s possibel to secure school attendance of a child out of a poor mountain farmer family. Selection of the supported children is up to the teachers according to the urgency.

300,- Ethiopien Birr are monthly transfered on an account opened up by the parents at Dashen Banc, the rest of 20,- Birr is saved up for yearly once spending in exercise books and pencils. The teacher is watching and documentating the school attendance and informs us if kids are absent. We will not offer a picture album for every scholarship but once a year we will visit the scholarships at the school and give report to the sponsors.

All these girls are coming out of poor families with at least seven or more kids. The children come to school dressed in Lumpen without shoes, and many times they miss school because their parents don´t let them go. With 10,- euro monthly there would be great help for the families of the kids and school atendance would be assured. 10,- Euro a month is a lot of money for the poor mountain farmers and the parents will be glad for sending their kids to school. Most of the parents are willing to do so but mainly it´s not possibel for them.

By interest in Scholarship please email to Hope-for-