There are different ways and possibilities in supporting us if you like our project

Act through sponsorship

you help the neediest in Lalibela, caring for food, shelter, support and school attendance. Direct help, person to person.

Info for Sponsorship

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Act in Supporting our association with donation. We absolutly need donations for mattrass, blankets, school supplie&uniforms, necessary clinic visits and medication. Furthermore on holidays like christmas, easter or new year. All our sponsorships get particular food donation on holy days like christmas, easter or new year- there is absolutly financial support needed for. 

In 2017 administrative costs were 7,99% only. We do need donation for.

Finanz Bericht 2017

Charity Center Lalibela - Our project needs support on many levels along the next years. There is a fundraising on, we are looking for engaged supporters caring about particular planned functions of the Charity Center and are happy about you in doing active support in making the project known at your families and friends.

Our project is just at the beginning and we started to fundraise donations for a property.

Let the hungry be fed, the naked clothed, the sick nourished, the aged protected, and the infants cared for

Act within Partys or Events 

possibel with donationbox and info-material at the entrance or some cents from ticketprice. May be someone has got the chance to place a donation box at a certain good place. On request for donation box or info-material we will send you.

Act in Online Shopping 

for „Hope for Ethiopia e.V.“ and donating without any cost more, some percentage of total are going as donation to our association. There are many huge websites available.