Water for Asheten School 

 ~ successfully completed in October 2016 ~

Asheten School is located on mountainside of Lalibela (North Wollow, Ethiopia), and frequented by about 200 pupils out of the remoted mountain regions. Due to lack of space and teacher 100 children coming to study morning time and another 100 in the afternoon. Upon the mountains around Lalibela there is no electricity and only less water supply with long distance inbetween.

Absolute lack of everything is existing at the school. Classrooms are too small having bare walls,  roof is leaking and there are no floors. Children are studying in dirt, on the ground. Desks are not not sufficient at all for all the pupils and even mostly no more to use. Study books, exercise books and pencil are absolutely rare and blackboards do not exist at all too. 

Teaching is up to 6th grade now, but soon 7th aand 8th grade will be taught. Achieving this nessecary requirements of standards of the education authorities have to be fullfilled. Authorities are not able to give support within. 

Requirement of water supply and connection is the biggest problem to face. For joining  7th and 8th grade children would have to take a long arduous walk about 10 kilometers daily to Lalibela and backwards. Many would stop studying with 6th grade to be helpful on the fields and for the cattle in support for their families. 

Urgent: requirement of water connection for the School!

So therefore we came into action with the project "Water for Asheten School". Pipes about length of 400 meters will be laid from fountain to a 5000 liters watertank on platform at the school. 

Our Fundraising Campaign on Betterplace.org was successfully finished after 142 days only with the result of 6.395 € in total. For reason we started already end of June with implementation and construction work was to be started. Documentation of construction work in detail 

Mission successful completed in October 2016

For months I was waiting for that day. And at least unforgetable moments and impressive emotions came up and are still in memory nowadays. For "Hope for Ethiopia e.V.the project of "Water for Asheten School" is a major milestone in our way. 

Together we achieved our setted goal and saved for reason of water connection on going existence of Asheten mountain school. With immediate effect grade 7th and 8th are into teaching. Furthermore neighbourhood, farmers and  families benefit of this fountain in the Asheten mountains around Lalibela. Focusing on this project I did hopefully succeed in convincing you about donations are really helpful,  needed and through every donation actually real challenges are going to happen. The result of this helpful project is overwhelming. 

It's up to me to give thanks to everybody supporting the project and donating for. Thanks for your interest and for your trust. Thanks for your compassion and believe into good. We succeed in wider range. It's about more than the water connection for Asheten school in Lalibela.