Desks for Koyita School 

 ~ successfully completed in February 2018 ~

Koyita School located at the mountainside of Lalibela has got two branches. One in the Asheten mountains, another one in the Kolgot mountain area. Both schools are the only primary schools in the whole region east side of Lalibela. It's about 150 pupils about age of seven to ten years taught in Amharic, English, Mathematics, Science and Sports. Five teachers are doing their best in education there.

Koyita School at Asheten mountain region has five class-rooms,  three of them were built with support of parents.

There are no floors yet in the classrooms and only in five of them old desks are existing. 

The children would finally love to benefit from, but without floors and desks it's not possible at all. 

Koyita School at Kolgot mountains has got one classroom for 50 children and a small one for about 10.

These classrooms do have floors but no desks or tables at all. Children are sitting on dirty ground learning on the floor. 

A compromise in teaching is sitting outside in the grassland. The children would be definitely glad about desks!

No support at all coming from authorities for the Schools and therefore everything is lacking. Almost none of desks, blackboards and floors are completely missing. It's about only the building for teaching. 

So therefore we started the project "Desks for Koyita School" and wanted to sponsor and hand out desks for 150 pupils at Koyita School. 

November 2017 we started the Fundraising Campaign at and different acts for additional financing. Already end of the year 3500 € have been raised thanks to lively and active support of supporters and sponsors. Furthermore it was even possible to order five big blackboards through sponsoring!

Mission successful completed in February 2018

"Hope for Ethiopia e.V.", some members, supporters and friends - came together for completing the project in Lalibela. In a ceremonial highlight the handing over of desks and blackboards took place at Koyita School at mountainside of Lalibela, and for everybody all around there it was a real memorable day!

Never ever before anybody took interest about learning conditions at the remote and forgotten school up in the mountainside. After existence of 15 years now Koyita School first time is equipped with desks and blackboards. Teaching and studying in humanely conditions is coming up!

Great thanks to all of you! Great thanks about your support and numerous donations! 

Together we made it and succeeded in completing another project of "Hope for Ethiopia e.V.". Learning conditions have been significantly upraised at mountainside schools around Lalibela. Thank you so much!