Desks for Asheton School 

 ~ February 2019 in Cooperation with elementary and middle school Allershausen! ~

The Asheton School is located at 3,000 meters in the mountains near the town of Lalibela. At school, 400 children are taught in grades 1 through 8, and without the Asheton school, most would have no access to education. Due to lack of space and teachers, half of the students arrive in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. The children all come from the poor farming families living in the mountains, and some spend hours up to school.

In 2016, "Hope for Ethiopia e.V." laid 400 meters of aqueduct and installed a 5,000-liter water tank on the grounds of the Asheton School. Thus, the school met the requirements to teach also the grade levels 7 and 8. -> Project Water for Asheten School The school administration of Lalibela has then built another building for the growing number of students. The floors are still missing, but the main problem is the lack of school desks. The children are sitting for learning four at a bank or in the dirt.

The elementary and middle school Allershausen had provided the income of their Christmas Bazaar 2018, a total of 4003 euros, and we have thus delivered almost 50 school desks to the Asheten School in the mountains of Lalibela. 550 excercise books, 500 pens and footballs were distributed and there was Injera with Shiro as a meal. In addition, after the Koyita School in July 2018, we also opened a small "Fikire Library" at the Asheten School. --> Books for Lalibela

The teachers and students of the Asheten School were very happy about the desperately needed school benches and were countless times grateful for the help and support. Once again we had an unforgettable day in the mountains of Lalibela and again we were able to sustainably improve the learning conditions in the Asheten school.

Many thanks to the elementary and middle school Allershausen!

Thank you for your helpfulness, your commitment and your trust.