Hope for Ethiopia e.V.

and information stand on festivals in Germany


Hello - we are Johanna and Leon Joubert


At the beginning it was only about a sponsorship for Hope for Ethiopia, meanwhile we are friends for real – Ferdi, Leon and me.  And time by time the idea grow how to really give support for  the work of Hope for Ethiopia.


Our main reason for starting with information stand 2017 was in giving as many people as possibel  an impression about this wonderfull project and Ferdis work – emphasising on hopefully getting much more support for it. Due to different living areas, living a bit far from Ferdi in Bavarian Forest, we did so with and without him. Sincearly we like to go on with the information stand. Summer 2017 we combined it at festivals with activities for kids. „Glitter tatoos“ for example were really successfull! And we will continue in with pleasure summertime 2018.


Furthermore we have an eye on christmas season and christmas-markets and are still guessing what might be possibel there. Handing  and putting out flyers in the surrounding area where we live at was another aspect in active work for reaching and finding more supporters!


If you have fun about doing anything like that- just feel free, join us, support us or start to organize own activities for Hope for Ethiopia! The more – the merrier ! We are really happy about everybody joining us and/or giving support!


Sincere greetings – may be we meet at an information stand – we would be really happy about!


Johanna and Leon Joubert, plus Ferdi!


Contact: Johanna.Joubert@gmail.com