Funding Group Charity Center 

February 2020, we started with construction of our Charity Center in Lalibela, depending on financial resources we will finish construction work 2021 and open up our Charity Center in Lalibela.

Through and with this Funding Group we would like to find, motivate and give a strong impetus to become a part of our Charity Center. Join us and let´s do good works together! With sponsoring yearly 50 €, construction work of the Charity Center will be financed 2020 and 2021 and by opening these support contributions will provide the functions of the Charity Center as planned within.

Becoming a Funding Group Member, you are an important part of our Charity Center Community and your annual donation will be on service for the poorest of the poor in Lalibela. True practical charity and direct help person to person. 

Once you come to Lalibela as member of the Funding Group we are very happy to welcome you as a honoured guest, offering accommodation for free in the guestrooms of the Charity Center and guarantee unforgettable moments with the people who are supported through your help.

Lalibela is a tourist highlight too and in its full really worthy a journey. We are very happy to welcome you and with pleasure we offer an all-round service during your stay.

Do become yourself a part of the Funding Group Charity Center! We need You!

No contract, no obligation. We inform you via Email about news of the Charity Center and ask annual via Email for further ongoing annual contribution of 50€. Donation receipt on request.

Simple and quick via PayPal becoming a Member ----->

Or transfer 50€- subject: Funding Group plus your Email- to our association account

Recipient: Hope for Ethiopia e.V.

IBAN DE51793301110002340476

We contact you after receipt of payment via Email and confirm membership without obligation in the Funding Group Charity Center Lalibela. About any questions or further information please Email to

Our goal is to find 200 people who support our charity center in Lalibela through the Funding Group and we sincerely ask for your active participation. We need you and only you can make it happen!



Funding Group Member up to Now: Jörg S. / Ferdi R. / Johanna & Leon J. / Sigrid S. / Ronny D. / Claudia E. / Florian V. / Katja S. / Peter M. / Heike T. / Josephine P. / Andreas M. / Anne D. / Enes A. / Torsten P. / Imanuel A. / Georg H. / Jana R. / Uwe W. / Sabine P. / Heiko D. / Carsten S. / Nicole G. / Rosemarie M. / Sibylle S. / Thomas N. / Kevin D. / Rafael A. / Manuela K. / Ursula K. / Lisa R. / Rosemarie M. / Luzi F.