Construction started at the end of January 2020!

*** Update from Lalibela ***

January 2020 - The building plot has been cleared and we can start with the foundation soon!

We have received the property for our charity center!

March 2019 - Six months after our first conversation with the mayor of Lalibela, we have now received the land for our charity center. 771 m² building land.


Thus, we can start with the already collected over 30,000 euros later this year, the construction of our Charity Center.

Construction plan for our Charity Center

Charity Center Lalibela - Animation based on current building plans


The construction of our charity center in Lalibela will start soon, and so we imagine the building structure. At the moment we are working feverishly with our engineer Gashew on the planning, but soon our vision will become reality.


Fundraising at

The Charity Center is a great Project we are going to  realize and for financiation of planned construction work we need you and your support of donations! After first calculations we need in total 40.000 €. Funds are already raised at the number of 16.000 € and we rely on your on going support.  

Every donation counts - small ones too ! 

Our longtime vision. Since " Hope for Ethiopia e.V." was initiated 2014 in Lalibela  as a private project out of the idea to act for the poorest of the poor living in absolutly hard and difficult conditions-focusing on love, hope, compassion, care and shelter- we have this vision! Our idea and major purpose is to establish a Charity Center in Lalibela. Point of Contact and Hotspot for people in greatest need, giving shelter and food daily to the poorest of the poor and needies with new profil on sponsorship. Appropriate home and care for people in absolute need, in event of sickness or care and shelter. For orphans as well as for homeless people. Homespot for Clothing, Educational Services Christian Counselling, Social Welfare and Medical Support. A Center of effective Charity.

We have so many ideas and there are many aspects of an effective Charity Center coming up here and now, extensibel and expandibel even in future time. The realisation of our idea and project in Lalibela requires first of all a building ground and second buildings. It's time to embody the vision and ideas into real. Please join in, give us a hand and help!

Building a Charity Center in Lalibela is a great challenge we want to go for. Opening might take time until 2021/2022. For getting this vision and major purpose into realisation we need a strong and powerfull entity. Join us. Help! It's upon us, we can do it together!

"Let us set our goal too high; let us demand more of ourselves than we believe we possess." Quote of Qedamawi Haile Selassie I




Bank Account

Empfänger: Hope for Ethiopia e.V.

IBAN DE51793301110002340476


Proposal for the planned Charity Center in Lalibela