Books for Lalibela

in close cooperation with "Art of Buna e.V."

Access to books and literature for people in Ethiopia is very low. Bookstores do only exist in Capital Citys. Range of offer is less, mainly it's about schoolbooks,  study books and outdated specialized literature. Ethiopian writers are hardly to find at all. Apart from this only very few people can afford to buy books at all.

One element and purpose coming up with our currently planed Charity Center is the sector of Education. In this regard one of our educational services will be: free access to books and literature to everybody in a small library with possibility of book lending. Ziggy S.Staudinger, member and sponsor at "Hope for Ethiopia e.V.", is taking responsibility for this task already now before opening the library in our Charity Center. With " Books for Lalibela" we start already and we are going to bring literature for children and young people to the schools in Asheten Mountain Region around Lalibela, Ethiopia. 

Fikire Library at Koyita and Asheten School Lalibela

As part of our project "Books for Lalibela", we have already opened a small Fikire Library in two schools in the mountains around Lalibela (Fikire means love). We are constantly expanding it and the Ethiopian literature is enthusiastically accepted by the children and teachers.

Fikire Library @Koyita School

opened in February 2018

Fikire Library @Asheten School 

opened in January 2019

Cooperation of "Hope for Ethiopia e.V." and "Art of Buna e.V."

Our attention to "Art of Buna e.V" was led through the Internet. We were firmly convinced by concept and project and realized a possibility to go into cooperation concerning our project "Books for Lalibela". "Art of Buna e.V." Cologne is committed to cultural and social engagement as a Not-for-Profit Organisation dedicated inter alia to the task of promoting Ethiopian Literature for young people in Ethiopia. Making the free access of Ethiopian Books and Literature possibel to children and young people is our common dedication and interest and after first contact and visit of Ziggy in Cologne we are into promising and hopeful cooperation today.

While completing our project "Desks for Koyita School" in February 2018 it was already possible to bring some copies of Ethiopian Books for children in Amharic and English language to Lalibela and handing out to the director of the school. 

Excerpt from the information material "Art of Buna e.V.

Half of all the habitants of Ethiopia are under 21 years of age- that means more than 40 million children and young people. Around half of these children can read-meaning that 20 million children in Ethiopia are potential readers of children's books. When it comes to literature, what children in Ethiopia need above all are books with originate from their own cultural circles and which are written in their own language. Instead of "Max und Moritz", however, ethiopian children need "Asni and Konjit". Asni and Konjit would never buy a doll or a helicopter in the toyshop-they would go to the local kiosk and get some bred for breakfast. There is no doubt Harry Potter is exciting for all children-but ethiopian children need their own heroes who they can identify with. Books are important in order to bring children up as responsible citizens. The characters in books become their models. The children learn to deal with their environment in a responsible way towards other people. It is therefore important to produce appropriate literature-for various different age groups- in order to both educate and entertain the children and young people and to provide a source of enrichment in their lives. 

"Art of Buna e.V." is going to print literature mostly of chosen ethiopian writers in Germany because of tremendously high printing costs coming up in the country of origin. Furthermore there is a lack of access of printing in Ethiopia anyway. At the beginning we will build up a small library at the schools in Asheten Mountain Region, Lalibela. Expendibel step by step. Having completed our Charity Center in Lalibela we will offer free access to books and literature to everybody in a small library with possibility of book lending. This vision of educational service was always part of the idea of our Charity Center. Now in cooperation with "Art of Buna e.V." new possibilities arise, like for example inviting ethiopian writers for reading circles to Lalibela, promoting new Ethiopian Literature so therefore reading becomes practical for the children and young people get to know cultural and social enrichment through books and reading. For sure thats one way to inspire many children and young people for books and reading. 

The project "Books for Lalibela" is depending also on donations and we would like to participate in upcoming costs for printing. In our opinion it is absolutely necessary and important to support the free access of books and literature!  Who wants to sponsor this project is very welcome in giving donation with point of concern "Books for Lalibela" on to our charity bank account. Thank you so much!