Hope, Compassion and Charity

for People in need in Lalibela, Ethiopia

"Hope for Ethiopia e.V." is acting directly for needies in absolutly hard and difficult living conditions. Focusing on Love, Hope, Care and Shelter. A privat project emereged out of this focus and initiated in April 2014. 

We provide personal sponsorships emphasising support of absolutly needy and helpless people living on the streets of Lalibela. The poorest of the poor, old people, orphans, streetkids, handicapped people - all of them get monthly support through our helpfull sponsors. Directly, person to person. Sponsorships

School Support - With textbooks, teaching materials, school benches and a water connection, in recent years we have significantly improved the learning conditions for forgotten schools in the mountains around Lalibela. School projects

Our vision and major purpose is to establish a Charity Center in Lalibela. Point of contact and hotspot for people in greatest need, giving shelter and food daily for needies and eventually upcoming sponsorships, healthcare and welfare, access to education, social contact and christian counselling.

Charity Center Lalibela

Let the hungry be fed, the naked clothed, the sick nourished, the aged protected, and the infants cared for

Ziggy S.Staudinger is active in Nordrhein-Westfalen for "Hope for Ethiopia e.V." and responsibel for the project >Books for Lalibela< in cooperation with "Art of Buna e.V.", Cologne. Contact: Ziggy_Staudinger@yahoo.de Books for Lalibela

Kevin Dölle has started the project "Circus Group Lalibela". Here we support children and young people from difficult circumstances and provide a meal after training. Circus Group Lalibela

Contact: Kevin.Doelle@googlemail.com

In our Online Charity Market you will find everything that is needed in Lalibela and gives pleasure. Purchases in the webshop are donations and the funds are used in Lalibela for purchase purposes. Online Charity Market

Johanna & Leon Joubert are active for "Hope for Ethiopia e.V." in Bavaria. As well as contact persons for festivals, concerts and events with acts like Info-Booths and kids-pleasure activities there. Contact: Johanna.Joubert@gmail.com Hope @ Festivals

Hope for Ethiopia e.V. is a non profit organisation recognized by tax office and authorized to issue donation certificates. We are cooperating closely with administration and authorities on site. To support the existing local system of economy its compulsory giving out contracts to local craft companies and buying goods at regional distributors.


HOPE-full-News informs about honorary association work, sponsorships and projects. Our newsletter is available at http://www.skippy.com, and we are networking on Facebook.com, Google+, Youtube, Amazon Smile and Gooding.de

Hope for Ethiopia e.V. is recognized as a nonprofit organization and can issue donation receipts. In Lalibela we work closely with the administration and the authorities, buy from regional dealers and hire resident craft companies.

Donations are fully transparent and documented for everyone. Monthly financial support for our sponsorships goes directly 100% in it´s full from our NGO bank account to individual bank accounts of our needies.

Administrative costs were about 7,99% only last year, 2017. It´s about our team Geza, Eyayaw and Eshetu working for us on site and their financial remuneration. Visits of active members of "Hope for Ethiopia" are financed entirely on their own.

Hope for Ethiopia e.V. has signed the Commitment of Transparency (SVE) from Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft (ITZ) and has been added to the list of signatories. Hope for Transparency

Compassion, loving kindness and altruism are given to mankind and mainstay pillars of humanity. Truely living these ethnic values we act and inspire you in acting directly too, person to person, facing poverty and suffering particulary in Lalibela, Ethiopia and find solutions for the very poor people there. Join us in action for a better, hopefull and more equal world with more justice for the very poor on earth. Let´s make a better world. Come and join us!

 HOPE Videothek

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